In the first semester of my undergraduate degree, I spoke with a faculty member about the career opportunities in Criminal Justice.  The Professor said, "well, you could always become me."  At the time, I was skeptical I would progress and earn a Doctoral Degree.  Nevertheless, throughout my undergraduate and graduate degrees, my friends often came to me for help. Their questions stimulated a deep interest in myself to pursue a role where I could mentor and help students excel academically and professionally.

Ever since I gave my first lecture as a Teaching Assistant in 2014, I knew teaching was something I never wanted to give up. Since that time, my experience has grown, and I have learned to combine my teaching abilities and research interests. Teaching has allowed me to build my skills and knowledge of data analysis, statistics, Terrorism, and Political Violence.  I find that Teaching and Research go hand-in-hand. Research offers empirical conclusions for the classroom to stimulate discussion and debate. During debates, students often ask questions that necessitate further investigation. This reciprocal relationship continues to push me toward a career of engaging students in research and sharing our findings in the classroom.

University of Massachusetts Lowell (2015-Present)

  • CRIM.4970 - Center for Terrorism and Security Studies Internship (Spring 2017, Fall 2017)
    • Far Right Spontaneous Terrorist Attacks
    • Terrorist Video Propaganda
  • CRIM.1010 - The Criminal Justice System (Fall 2016, Summer 2017)
  • CRIM. 3980 - Criminal Justice Data Analysis (Spring 2016, Summer 2016, Spring 2017)
  • CRIM.3800 - Selected Topics in Criminal Justice: United States Domestic Terrorism (Fall 2015)

Merrimack College (2018-Present)

  • CRM1000: Introduction to Criminology Terrorism (Spring 2020)
    • Sample Syllabi [TDB]
  • CRM5001G-A: Advanced Topics in Criminology-Terrorism (International and Domestic) (Summer 2018)